“ When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional. ”

~ Hunter S. Thompson

Judd Kaufman

Judd broke out of the auto industry and spent a large chunk of the last decade studying, fermenting things, and seizing every opportunity to legally tinker with a still (as far as we know.)

Chrissy Quinlan

Chrissy has been honing her already exceptional design and marketing skills, mothering incredible little humans, bringing home the bacon, and charming everyone in her path.


Together, we've created "that place" where locals are on a first name basis and visitors feel the warm, weird welcome.

Gold Dirt Distillery is the dream that we've always wanted to share with our mountain community. As Rollinsville residents, we're glad to be in the business of filling your glasses as you toast to ups, downs, successes, failures, friendships, and all things good, bad, and ugly. What's life without a little bit of everything and a good drink to wash it all down?

Come visit and sip something different with us. If nothing else, you'll definitely get a good story out of it.